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  1. The politics section is a cancer, fed by both sides. I really hope Sanjeev does the right thing and shuts it down.
  2. Leaving aside the title, this topic is pretty laughable. From an economics perspective your income is determined based on how productive you are. A lot of the narrative on these subforums is based on the fact that joe Shmoe from middle of nowhere America that bangs hammers deserves a certain standard of living. A standard of living that is higher than another guy's that bangs hammers somewhere else. This is a ridiculous proposition. Income is a determination of your productivity. In the past it worked out great for joe shmoe because the other guys didn't have hammers. Once they got ham
  3. dude, i agree trump sucks, but can you stop starting a new thread on every article you find? There are plenty of threads already adding nothing but one team shitting on trump and the other team defending him. Can you please just add these links/comments there?
  4. Also, I'm pretty sure a President campaigning is the legit way of influencing the vote. No one has a problem with Trump doing it this cycle for example. That is not what Parsad is talking about. But you knew that already...
  5. The wording of this poll reminds me of a bit Stephen Colbert used to do on his old show. "Trump. Great President? or the Greatest President?"
  6. matts

    America 1st

    Exactly. And Cardboard is to blame for this one. Not for his views, of course he's entitled, but for starting a thread he knew would become a toxic dumpster fire. Take this stuff to another board, please.
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