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  1. https://hongkongfp.com/2021/10/08/breaking-university-of-hong-kong-orders-removal-of-tiananmen-massacre-statue-after-24-years/ Sad for whatever reason - even worse if it is due to CCP pressure.
  2. LC


    Personally I think the presidential pardon should be removed. It was initially intended as somewhat of a "last measure against injustice" but it has not been used in such a manner, instead it is abused by every President in their waning hours. Otherwise they would not be waiting until the last minute of their term to use the pardon.
  3. Cue the moral outrage. Parents sending their 11 year old girl to dance in front of creeps under the guise of pageantry has been around for years (even has a TV show! Even supported by Trump!) but not a peep from you until it became a political point to levy at Biden and his crew. It’s so damn transparent which is why everyone ignores it, until of course I’m 3 bottles of bubbles in and takes the bait! Cheers :)
  4. You consistently post only about transgender child pageants. It is so embarrassingly transparent - you don’t care about child pageantry, you only care that some child identifies as transgendered, their parents support this, and ultimately it frightens you. Come on, you are better than this. Be a better human!
  5. Merci! Now I can get back to my favorite pastime, losing money! ;D
  6. In the instance of Twitter banning Trump, which protected class was the basis of Trump's ban? Twitter claims it was due to violating its policies on glorification/incitement of violence: https://blog.twitter.com/en_us/topics/company/2020/suspension.html Do you have evidence to the contrary? In the case of AWS et al banning Parler, my understanding is corporations etc. are not subject to protected classes and therefore it is irrelevant.
  7. Supports the rights of bakery owners to deny service to a customer Does not support the rights of social media owners to deny service to a customer Do you not see the contradiction? The liberal argument is you cannot deny service based on protected classes.
  8. Extraterrestrial lives matter?
  9. Oh I have no problem investigating something if there is reasonable suspicion. The Trump/Russia connection certainly could be interpreted as reasonably suspicious. Same with the 2020 election results. Both were investigated, appropriately so if you ask me. But pizza pedophile rings? Gimmeafuckinbreak.
  10. I don't know about cannibals, but there is no need to hunt to find a pedophile. One was just sworn in as president. And what shred of proof do you that Biden is a pedophile? Spreading BS about the election is bad enough but slandering an individual with no proof is not very classy. However, if you have proof, so be it, but one might wonder why that has not gone to the court system. Just more QAnon foolishness? There is no proof or rationale. https://www.logically.ai/factchecks/library/1cbe22fb No complaints, charges, allegations, lawsuit...nothing. Meanwhile there are plent
  11. IMO the politics board is hurting the long term sustainability of this community and should be removed. It will be interesting to see where Sanjeev's priorities lie ;D
  12. They probably couldn't afford it. ;D ;D
  13. We were working in cahoots with China. Cruz is actually chinese. He really enjoys dim sum! Cheers! Oh damn, I really enjoy dim sum too. I've been a part of the conspiracy this entire time and I didn't even know it :o
  14. Well, racial protests/riots are still (sadly) based on real events, whereas this “minor coup” of federal government buildings was based on a conspiracy theory with little/no basis in reality.
  15. Ah fair enough, that is a convincing argument on second thought. In fact based on this I do agree with your previous post. But that .01 pct on both sides are terrible, but also sometimes entertaining: https://www.today.com/news/alleged-capitol-rioter-arrested-after-being-identified-ex-wife-t205572
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