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  2. While I find it unfathomable that a 26-year veteran confuses her Taser with her firearm, and justifiably is charged with manslaughter, why do these guys at traffic stops make things more difficult...such as to flee or not follow commands by the officers? Why did Daunte Wright try and jump back in his car, instead of patiently dealing with the officers and his outstanding warrant? I can understand younger adults being fearful, but Daunte was 26 I believe. Anyway, my two cents! Cheers!
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  4. Isn't that basically Reuters or AP news? From the big networks ABCNews is probably the most unbiased. For foreign news, I have plugged Aljazeera.com before - their curation is surprisingly good and they are fairly unbiased except issues pertaining Israel.
  5. Totally would support this. Havent watched TV or subscribed to any "news" publications in ages. The primary reason being is that no one reports what happened anymore. Its always a skew or opinion wrapped up with the only aspect of fact being the proverbial tip of the iceberg you see. Everything is taken out of context, and I guess its deliberate. Take the Georgia election for instance. How many different outrageous and deceptive headlines have we seen? Whereas the truth is basically this... https://twitter.com/Breaking91
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    Daunte Wright Case

    There is a relatively small % which prefer this. The FT/WSJ was like this for a while, they are probably still some of the closest you can get to objectivity in news reporting. But there is a reason that most news outlets have gone the opposite way - it keeps customers engaged longer and is therefore more profitable.
  7. Sometimes when I am reading a newspaper or other online article I really just want the bottom line and not all the personal stories and other context and noise. I was curious if other people would also be interested in a "newspaper" or site that really just offered objective data or facts (primarily numbers). I think the advantages of a well done version would be the following: 1. Shows the most important data straight away 2. Unbiased by political ideology 3. Time savings vs having to read an entire article to get the data (if it is even in there) 4. Graphs
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