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  2. I'm currently in a South American country where the government told people to wear masks everywhere outside their home. It's been the saddest thing - people walking around outside at 7 in the morning with not a soul on the street - with a mask. I've seen people playing golf by themselves with a mask on. Riding a bike in the park with a mask on. Even sadder: A few weeks ago they changed the mandate, masks now only have to be worn in closed spaces, not outside. Yet, people have become so addicted to their talisman that they can't let go. Maybe 3 out of 4 people still wear them even when out
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  4. "Show me the incentive and I will show you the outcome."
  5. CNN literally had the headline "Joe Rogan says he took horse dewormer", which is the outright lie. Others at least had the decency to say "controversial treatment" or whatever.
  6. Gregmal


    https://nypost.com/2021/10/14/joe-rogan-takes-on-sanjay-gupta-over-cnn-lying-about-covid-treatment/ So this toolbag network Dr openly admits CNN purposely lies and misrepresents this. Whats even funnier is how many people here just blindly believed this and parroted it around as well.
  7. Yes, and Gregmal always rushes in to defend his former President. I was wondering how long it would take. 🙂
  8. Dont waste your time @Castanza. In case you haven't noticed, the only reason for COBFs existence is for @cwericb to cry like an emotional little girl about Trump. Its an outlet for him. There is no other purpose.
  9. Okay Castanza let’s see what you have said in a conversation about Trump’s mental problems and deal with the facts.. You may not realize it but you take pages right out of Trump’s playbook. Deflect, deflect, deflect, and if you can’t deflect, attack any individual who would dare to criticize. “FUCKING LOL and you voted for Joe Biden?!” Immediate attempt to deflect, first mention of Biden in a discussion about Trump. And then an incorrect statement. “Biden doesn't even know where he is half the time...” And on and on. More deflection from Trump. “And Hillary was the
  10. Food for reflection once you have collected yourself: "As I said, back to your circle jerk" "You always respond with one liners ending any discussion when there is something you don't like. "
  11. 1.) Circle Jerk: A Circle Jerk may refer to an echo chamber. 2.) What's the topic? Trump, News Outlets, Insurrection, Mental state, Your ex-wife/daughters relationship, or your WebMD certified knowledge on NPD? This directly addresses YOUR points. 3.) "Hopefully the last paranoid president" The current president is also mentally unstable. ✌️
  12. Attack the points made, not the poster. Be civil. Stick to the board rules or do not contribute on the board.
  13. What's the topic? Trump, News Outlets, Insurrection, Mental state, Your ex-wife/daughters relationship, or your WebMD certified knowledge on NPD? Your second post isn't even on topic to your thread title. You're the king of deflection. You always respond with one liners ending any discussion when there is something you don't like. As I said, back to your circle jerk 👋
  14. No? That wasn't you who switch tracks over to Biden?
  15. I'm not deflecting in anyway. I have been critical of Trump throughout his entire presidency. He wasn't a great president but imo he did a few good things. Biden imo hasn't done a single good thing. I'm pointing out clear hypocrisy on your part. You took the strong stance that voting for someone with mental issues is reprehensible and absolutely uncontainable. But you ignore the blatantly obvious mental problems Joe Biden has. So my point is that if you're going to find a key pillar to discuss voting choice then you need to find another. They both have issues and trying to argue one is w
  16. When you wish to communicate as an adult, please return to have a conversation about Trump. If you wish to discuss Biden, begin a topic about Biden.
  17. Deflect, deflect, deflect. Whenever the name of Trump is brought up. Change the subject to Joe or Hillary. That is the whole strategy of the Trump supporters. Yes, Castanza, I know you no longer support Trump, but you seem to reflexively deflect from any criticism of him. If you want to talk about reading prior posts, perhaps you missed that this discussion was centered on ... “Trump continues to lie, says 'real insurrection' happened when he lost election” So Castanza, get a grip. No one is picking on you. Trump and/or his family is gearing up for the next election. And that is
  18. Why do you bring up Biden when a conversation is about Trump? It's changing the topic. It's deflection ^ You're right, I probably should have just let you and Cwericb just enjoy your circle jerk.
  19. Why do you bring up Biden when a conversation is about Trump? It's changing the topic. It's deflection.
  20. Did you even read what I wrote? You avoided everything I said and then projected a bunch of nonsense. The only one who is living in the past is you. Biden has been in office for almost a year and you’re still (constantly) talking about Trump. Continue to deny and avoid the train wreck we are witnessing. I voted Trump in 2016…didn’t vote for him the second time. I don’t think the election was stolen. And I don’t think Trump should run in 2024. I think he is senile. I just think it’s utterly laughable that you sit here and say Trump has all this alarming mental behavior and
  21. My daughter is having the same interpersonal battles with her mother that I had with her during my relationship with her mother. Both of my kids see a therapist who describes the mother's problem as being narcissism (NPD). I am well versed in it. Trump is most definitely NPD.
  22. I have some background in psychology and it concerns me that Trump supporters do not seem to have an understanding of the serious mental issues that Trump displays and these are issues that are dangerous in a leader. It is rather lazy for some to just laugh off his mental issues while making no attempt to do a little research regarding those issues and then try to deflect from the situation by saying, well the other guy is worse.
  23. Imagine if the company founder answered "huh?", genuinely wondering why that would matter. Well, did he(she)? The question was likely asked because the answers are interesting and inform the listener of the barriers that minorities women face (or don't face).
  24. This respond indicates a lack of understanding what narcissism (NPD) is. Most politicians most certainly are not NPD.
  25. Don’t live in the past, the election is over and Biden is in the White House because most people caught on that Trump was nuts and Biden was the only alternative. Now is the time to make sure that neither of those guys get to run in the next election. Trump guys need to suck it up and face the reality that it was Trump supporters that put Biden in the White House. They backed a nut case that was unacceptable to the majority of voters. If the Republicans would run a viable candidate that wasn’t a mental case, he/she would likely win. But I am beginning to think you guys deserve the le
  26. Really? It might not be curated to fit your worldview, but it is definitely curated to fit their worldview. Reminds me of a road trip I did two years ago, from Portland to San Diego. I was desperately trying to find radio stations with just good music, but the stations with the best reception were usually talk radio like Hannity or Ben Shapiro (both insufferable after a while), or NPR. NPR pretty soon became unbearable as well - all about how the world is a terrible place and lots and lots of identity politics. Even when a topic sounded interesting at first, e.g. some business doing
  27. FUCKING LOL and you voted for Joe Biden?! Biden doesn't even know where he is half the time. Falling asleep, reading teleprompters, not knowing the names of other world leaders, forgetting what office he holds, using a pre-determined list to call on reporters. The man can barely speak and is a shell of his former self from 10 years ago (when Obama said he was an idiot). Yet you have the audacity to criticize people who voted for Trump (who is an asshole) on the grounds of cognitive ability. Trump might not be smart, and he might be a narcissist (as are most politicians), but he is certainly lu
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